WKTS strives to report timely and accurate information. If we got the details of a story wrong, we will promptly publish a correction. When we run a correction or clarification, our goal is to tell readers, as clearly and quickly as possible, what was wrong and what is correct.

If you believe the information within a story on the WKTS website is incorrect, please contact WKTS by e-mail or by calling (920) 458-7777.


If we are substantively correcting an article, photo caption, headline, graphic, video or other material, we should promptly publish a correction explaining the change.


When our journalism is factually correct but the language we used to explain those facts is not as clear or detailed as it should be, the language should be rewritten and a clarification added to the story. A clarification can also be used to note that we initially failed to seek a comment or response that has since been added to the story or that new reporting has shifted our account of an event.