Menzer Glass to be demolished for $3 million Kwik Trip expansion

Kwik Trip Central is located at 1618 Calumet Drive in Sheboygan
Kwik Trip Central is located at 1618 Calumet Drive in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN — Changes are coming to Sheboygan’s very first Kwik Trip store.

Kwik Trip Central, located at 1618 Calumet Drive in Sheboygan’s Kuehne Park neighborhood, will get a facelift after the City of Sheboygan Plan Commission approved the company’s plans last month.

Kwik Trip is proposing to construct a 3,395-square-foot building addition on the north side of the existing convenience retail facility which will require Menzer Glass to be demolished to make way for the addition. With Menzer Glass being demolished, it will allow for more parking spaces, a new dumpster location and delivery area.

The project will include new restrooms, wider isles for safer customer flow and the kitchen will be increased to allow for additional equipment and a safer work environment for the employees. The project will also change the overall appearance of the store. In 1992, Kwik Trip Central was built at an estimated cost of $125,000 and largely remained unchanged ever since. Currently, the store has a decades old prototypical look and the façade is composed of white vinyl siding. That will change next year when work is expected to begin.

According to the company, the project will cost approximately $3 million.

Menzer Glass, located at 1628 Calumet Drive, will be demolished for Kwik Trip’s expansion in 2022.

Menzer Glass opened their showroom in 1994 next door to Kwik Trip. The family owned business, started by Fred Menzer in 1952, plans to relocate but a new location has not yet been announced.

Kwik Trip plans to open a fifth store in the City of Sheboygan at the northwest corner of South Business Drive and Broadway Avenue. Kwik Trip Oscar is anticipated to open in March 2022 and is located in the Van Der Vaart neighborhood, the former home of the Van Der Vaart concrete company. The company sold the land to a developer to allow for construction of the Oscar Apartments, a massive apartment complex consisting of three four-story buildings, totaling 235,000-square-feet and 240 units.

Renderings of what Kwik Trip Central will look like when the project is completed in July 2022

Two additional Kwik Trip stores are located in the Sheboygan area but out of the city limits. A store was built at Highway 42 and County Road J in the Town of Sheboygan. In 2015, Kwik Trip purchased and remodeled Marshall’s Western Shores at South Business Drive and County Road V in the Town of Wilson. Both stores are located along Interstate 43. The chain of convenience stores also has locations in Sheboygan Falls and Plymouth.